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Product List Genie is your best companion for researching the hottest, trending, and winning products online. It simplifies advertising and gives you the ability to spy on your competitors. We are the only Ecommerce Software & Community that provides 24/7 support in Marketing and Advertising, with 3 live webinars per week, we help you create your online business in less than a week all done for you.

Winning Products

Our Marketing Genies will hand pick hot various products that are already converting. You will be provided with targeting, demographics, and marketing strategies for all picks (Constantly Updated).

Push to Store

The Product List Genie acts as a bridge between winning products and Shopify™. Push items directly in your store and get ready to promote in seconds.

Push To Ad Account

Marketers' top request wish has finally come true. You can now import winning product campaigns directly to your Facebook Ads account in seconds. Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming ad creation. Let the Genie do its magic for you.

Trending Products Added Daily

Product List Genie is updated daily only with products that are carefully handpicked and proven to be converting in the advertising platforms.

Constant Improvements

We keep improving Product List Genie every week! Lots of new features are constantly added. Be part of an amazing community of passionate E-Commerce marketers and take your business to the next level.

Coaching & Support

Join our community for exclusive tips and trainings on how to use Product List Genie to the maximum. We have 24/7 support, if you have any questions just chime in, one of our genies will help you very shortly.

Source/Ship from the United States Directly

Product List Genie delivers faster than any other couriers. Delivery will now take a few of days if you are shipping in the United States.

High Ticket Drop Shipping with MAP

New high-ticket products inside Product List Genie added daily. We follow MAP (Minimum Advertising Price) as suggested by different suppliers.

Reverse Engineering on Any Competitor

Check your competitor's ads to improve the strategy of your own ads. Product List Genie gives you competitive ad intelligence, allowing you to work with what's already converting.

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Meet your new magical companion! Product List Genie takes care of the most tedious tasks so you can focus more on money making activities.


You could pay off your plan with just 4 sales per month!


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Frequently asked questions

Does it work on any store?

Product List Genie works best with any Shopify store.

How does it work?

Product List Genie and its Genius Team of Researchers have developed a tool that will let you download and/or push products to your Shopify Store. Hundreds of products to choose from, and within just a few clicks they will be on your Shopify store, no hassles!

How many products can I track?

In order to get you the latest winning products, we update Product List Genie everyday with products that actually converts. It just gets too exciting, too many to choose from - that you wouldn't worry about the numbers of product you need to keep track on.

How accurate is the data?

101% Accurate! Our research team is proud to say that our data is absolutely accurate. We have crossed referenced our multiple number of data from different sources, different platforms and from people that are actually selling our products - so yes, they are 100% accurate.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?



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